Vocabulary and Spelling

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ESL Level 5 Term I, Fall 2008
Vocabulary and Spelling List
Directions: For each vocabulary word, write what you think the word means as it is used in the article you read. Then check your guess by looking up the word’s definition in an English-language dictionary, such as the Longman Dictionary of American English or one of the following (these are listed on our class wiki page at http://mccesl.pbwiki.com/)
ð Longman Dictionary of American English (available in the cabinet in the classroom and for sale in the bookstore)
ð the MSN online dictionary at www.dictionary.msn.com (has sound so that you can hear the pronunciation of the vocabulary words!)
ð Heinle's Newbury House Dictionary of America English at http://nhd.heinle.com/home.aspx
ð Merriam-Webster Online dictionary at www.m-w.com (also has sound)
Dictation and comprehension exercises are also posted on the class wiki page.
For each vocabulary word, create an index card to help you study. The index card should contain the following four parts:
1. the vocabulary word
2. its part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc.)
3. its dictionary definition in English by using any of the following:
4. a sentence using the vocabulary word (from the dictionary is OK)
Example index card:
anticipate (verb)
definition: to expect something
sentence: I anticipate that the test will be difficult, so I plan to study very hard.
Study your vocabulary words and their spellings for weekly tests.
See your course syllabus for the study and test schedule.
Lesson1: Personality / Characteristics / Qualities
Online spelling/dictation: http://kreyes.flashcardfriends.com/browse_deck.php?deckID=12647 (click "Test")
Online vocabulary exercise: http://esl-lab.com/vocab/v-personality.htm
(All adjectives)
1.     ambitious - unmotivated
2.     generous - stingy
3.     hardworking - lazy
4.     honest - dishonest
5.     humble – arrogant (bigheaded)
6.     independent - dependent
7.     kind - inconsiderate
8.     nervous - calm
9.     open-minded - close-minded
10. optimistic - pessimistic
11. outgoing - shy
12. punctual - late
13. reliable - unreliable
14. talkative - quiet
15. unselfish - self-centered
Lesson # 2: The Library
Online spelling/dictationhttp://kreyes.flashcardfriends.com/browse_deck.php?deckID=12648 (click "Test")
Online vocabulary exercise: http://www.mystudiyo.com/act67250/go
1.     amateur (adj)                
2.     ancient (adj)                
3.     autobiography (n)        
4.     episode (n)
5.     fascinate (v)                  
6.     fiction (n)
7.     literature (n)               
8.     magazine (n)                 
9.     museum (n)                
10. novel (n)                      
11. pastime (n)                 
12. proverb (n)
Lesson 3: Life Events / Stages
Online spelling/dictation: http://kreyes.flashcardfriends.com/browse_deck.php?deckID=12654 (click "Test" to quiz yourself)
Online vocabulary exercises: http://esl.fis.edu/vocab/q1/life.htm
1.     bachelor (n)
2.     emigrate (v)
3.     get divorced (v)
4.     get engaged (v)
5.     get fired (v)
6.     get promoted (v)
7.     graduate (v)
8.     infant (n)
9.     orphan (n)
10. pensioner (n)
11. relatives (n)
12. retire (v)
13. single (adj)
14. spinster (n)
15. teenager (n)
16. toddler (n)
17. unemployed
18. wedding (n)
19. widow (n)
20. widower (n)



Lesson # 4: Never too Old to Learn
Online vocabulary exercise: http://www.mystudiyo.com/act67248/go
1.     access (v)
2.     advisor (n)                        
3.     attendance (n)           
4.     bilingual (adj)
5.     diversion (n)                     
6.     enroll (v)
7.     implement (v)             
8.     municipal (adj)
9.     reserve (v)                        
10. reside (v)                  
11. sentiment (n)              
12. valuable (adj)                    
Lesson #5: Beat the Crowd
Online vocabulary exercise: http://www.quia.com/jg/503503.html
1.     adapt (v)                            
2.     address (v)                        
3.     adept (adj)                         
4.     available (adj)                     
5.     commitment (n)
6.     competent (adj)
7.     frustration (n)                                 
8.     manual (adj)                                   
9.     perceive (v)
10. positive (adj)
11. pursue (v)                          
12. vocational (adj)                  
Lesson # 6: Managing the Work
Online vocabulary exercise: http://www.quia.com/cm/62297.html
1.     authority (n)                        
2.     business (n)                                   
3.     colleague (n)
4.     cooperate (v)                                 
5.     diagram (n)
6.     encourage (v)
7.     gauge (v)                           
8.     morale (n)                          
9.     persist (v)                          
10. quantity (n)
11. responsible (adj)                
12. solution (n)                         


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