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 Hi! My name is Sue Otis



I'm an instructional aide for the ESL Level 5



at MiraCosta College Community


Learning Center



Looking forward to assisting you









Name:  Sue Otis


Occupations:Instructional aide\ Yoga instructor 


Interestsreading inspirational books, movies, yoga, gardening, and spending time with my five grandchildren                             


About me:


I was born in Okinawa,Japan, and came to the United States in 1968 with my husband and two daughters.  I attended ESL classes at Miracosta College and then went to main campus and graduated from Miracosta College. I love to work with ESL students because I know how important it is to learn English to be successful in this country.  I was at same place as the ESL  students are right now.  I had my own business and retired from it in 2001. I couldn't have done it if I hadn't known enough English language. Now I  practice and teach yoga in the mornings and work in ESL classes as an instructional aide at CLC in the evenings. I enjoy working with the students from diffrent part of the countries all over the world.



 My seal





The pictures in my seal represent who I am


Back ground: Shrine in Kyoto, Japan where I usually visit when I go back to Japan. building: simplicity of life.

My family seal: in front of the building reminds me of who I am. water in the  pond: represents stillness and calmness

Sun:my energy source in mental, physical, and emotional level. Apples: health- eat an apple a day keeps adoctors away?

Lotus: purity that I'm wishing for in my life. Roses: gift of love, either giving or receiving. Butterfly: we both love flowers. My grand children: center of my life, future and hope. Meditation: foundation to my inner peace, harmony, and true happiness

Eagle: freedom- to do anything and go anywhere I want to go



































































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