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Name:       Sandra Cruz                                                                 Age: 22 years old
Occupation: I am a student and  sometimes work days.
Interests: I like visiting more places ,reading, and dancing.
About Me:  I am originally from Oaxaca Mexico. Now I am living in Oceanside,  CA .I have lived here seveb years. I am single  and I have two daughters . Ia m positive and honest . I live with my daughters,my sister ,and my brother. I don 't  like to  stay home . I also enjoy relaxing and sometimes I go to the beach and to the movie theater.





              Juan and Oscar are brothers with diferent  personalites.Juan is always late and lazy, but Oscar is smart and hard working.Early  in da morning Juan sleeps ;But Oscar gets up and shaves.Juan gets up late and changes into his clothes, but Oscar reads tha newspaper, eats breakfast,and  drink scoffee.Juan runs and eats breakfast quickly before school  but Oscar relaxes and watches the news on tv.Juan forgets his home work , but Oscar  has his homework and givesit to the teacher.After the school at home, Juan watches tv,but Oscar studies.In conclusion these two brothers are very diferent .One is responsible,and the other is irresponsible.










      My personal seal has diferent images  and simbols.Firs,the background image is a photo of huatulco a beach located  in my state. From the top  in the corner left, you can see two hearts. This symbol represents my love for my two daugthers.  The next two  images  represent where I come from.  The next image  is the place where  my parents  and I went  when I was a little girl, and the pyramid represents a mis friendly of oaxaca.  In conclusion  this seal shows  my life.





     My favorite place is the beach.  It is located in Carlsbad. I can see the blue ocean, the sunset, the moon, stars, and dolphins. It has been my favorite place since  2001. I have shared  this place with my daughters and my friends.  This place makes me feel  happy and relaxed.










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October 09,2008


Dear me,


 I am writing this lether  to myself about three goals I have  for the future. First, in one month  I am going to to live  with my daughters in Oaxaca,  Mexico . Next in two months  I'll finish my high school in Oaxaca,  and my other goal is to get a good job  in Oaxaca and stay more time with my  daughters. In conclusion, I have set  these goals for myself.






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