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Name:      RUBEN   VELAZQUEZ                                                               Age:24
Interests:movies,games,soccer and many other things
About Me

   I am originally from Acapulco, GRO., Mexico. Now I am living in Oceanside, CA. I have lived here one year. I am married, and I love my wife. I am an unselfish, ambitious, generous, optimistic, and very kind person. I do not like much dogs and cats, but I respect them. I think life is the most  wonderful all of us have.







The Family is Getting Robbed


      Today the family is busy spending time together at home, but they have two uninvited guests, the grandmother is sleeping, and the mother is knitting a sweater while the father is reading a newspaper.The children are watching TV, and the dog is enjoying it too,but they dont know what  is happeing behind them in conclusion.They have to pay more attention to their home . They should close the door or even get another dog, so then they will be safer.










My Personal seal


      My personal seal has different images and symbols that demonstrate who i am. There is a background image and four symbols or images. Opposite to you in the top right part there is  a familiar photo, which represents my family and the families of the world. The other two following ones of the top and low left part represent health in the world. The following one represents where from I am, and freedom to fight for your challenges, to know that nothing is impossible in this life. The background image of a wolf howling in the moonlight represents a fortress, fury,confidence, and intelligence to cross the world without fear. In conclusion, this seal demonstrates my character, what I value in life, and how it is important to still be alive.


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oct 9,2008


Dear Me,


    I am writing this letter to myself about three goals for the future. Frist, in a couple monts I will finish ESL English classes. Next, I am going to get an other job or a better job. Finally in teen years I will go back to my country and I am going to start a own business and buy a big house. In conclusion, I have set these goals for myself. I think I can accomplish them if I continue to work hard, save money, study, and think about them every day and every minute.




    Ruben Velazquez

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Kristi Reyes said

at 8:34 pm on Aug 24, 2008

Hi kristy.
How was your weekend?

Kristi Reyes said

at 5:59 am on Aug 25, 2008

Good but busy -- how about yours? I'm ready for the upcoming 3-day weekend? Do you have to work on Labor Day (next Monday)?

Kristi Reyes said

at 6:17 pm on Aug 29, 2008

no i don´t have to work. i´m going to study the stuff that is on my Homework

Kristi Reyes said

at 7:18 pm on Aug 29, 2008

Have a great weekend! The weather forecast says that it is going to be hot but not on Monday. Enjoy your day off!

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