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Name: Parady Nguon                                                                      Age:??
Occupation: student
Interests: Music
About Me:   I am originally from Phnon Penh, Cambodia. Now I  have lived here three years.  I live with my uncle. They are a very nice family. I am a hardworking perso.  I enjoy listening to music and playing tennis. I like to travel. 

The Bad Day for the Family              

             Today the family is busy spending time together at home, but they forgot to close the door, so they have two uninived guests stealing from them. The grandmother is sleeping while the mother is knitting a scarf . White the father is interesed in newspaper, tow children are watching the cartoons very happily. Everybody is enjoying the day together and even the dog is sitting with them also. In conclusin, the family needs to pay more attertion to what is happening in the houes and should put the dog outside the home while they are busy together and the need to get an alarm system.






Two Different Brothers


                Juan and Oscar are brothers with different personalities. Juan is always late and lazy, but Oscar is smart and hardworking. Early in the morining, Juan sleeps but Oscar gets up and shavers. After that Juan runs and eats breakfast quickly at school but Oscar relaxes and watches the news on TV. When they are in the chass, Juan forget his homework, but Oscar has his homework and gives it to the teaher, When they get home at night, Juan watches basketball on TV,while Oscar studies and does homework/ and later Oscar goes to sleeps and Jaun starts to study late at night. In conclusion, these two brother are very different. One is responsible and other is irresponsble, but they are friendly and have a good relalionship.






My Personal Seal

        My personal seal has different images and symbols that demonstrate who I am and show my future and what I want to be. There are the shape of Cambodia seven symbols. First the map in has a picture of Angkor Wat in the middle and is a flag of Cambodia. This image repersents where I come from. Next the symbol of a happy face going shopping represents that I am happy and like to shopping.The hairesser represnts my new career goal. I want to have my own hairdressing salon and I can working here also. The girl who has the wold in her hands image represnts that I like freedom and travel and the imgage lookes like bird on the top of world  show that I am happy and can do something what I want to do . Last, the money and the family image represnts that I have more money and a good family. All images represent something I like to do and I want to have in the future in order to broaden my horizons and open my mind further. In concluson, this seal shows my character and what I value in life.





My Favorite Place

           My favorite place is my bedroom because it is a place for relaxation and quiet. It is a typical bedroom with bed that has a comfortable mattress and next to my bed, Ihave a beautiful old fashion lamp on the night table. In front of my bed is the TV and on the left hand side is a big window. It is located on the first floor of my house and next to the backyard, so I can see some flowers and some trees. I like my bedroom because I can relaxs and study, play music and watch movies a lone there. It has been my favorite place since I have started working. I have shared this place with my best friends when they visit me on weekends. this place makes me feel happy and relaxed, and it is my favorite place to be in whole world.








Reality Check Total Expenses

Below are the amounts for the items you have selected. Now that you know how much things cost, next is finding out which careers will pay you the kind of salary you will need in order to afford your lifestyle.

Your Monthly Expenses
San Diego

Health Care

Monthly Expenses
Annual Expenses
Taxes (25% of Annual Expenses)
Annual Salary Needed

Dear Parady,

I`m writing this letter to myself a bout five goals I have for the future. First in five years I`m going to finish ESL classes. I will study hard every day. Next I`m going to get my American thigh school diploma three years. After I  finish my ESL chasses.I going to college and Iwill buy a house. I will start saving my eztra money more and more evry day. I will start my business. I`m going to learn about how I can do it in the UAS, and them Iwill bring my family here so we can stay together. In conclusion, I have set ther goal for myself I think I can accomplish them if I continue to work , save money , make more money every day , and study every day. 

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