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Name:    Oscar                                                                    Age: 33
Occupation: Bus boy
Interests: Learn English, books, movies, study and work
About Me  :  I am from Mexico, married,  have my wife and my daughter in Mexico, I lived here since 2007, my job is bus boy at Denny's Restaurant, some hobbies are spend time with  my friends, go to the mall, watch tv and go to the library. I also study at Miracosta College monday - thursday,  I really like study because I need learn English well for to work as server and earn more money, I hope to have one business on 2010 like a bar or disco club.   








                                         The Family is Surprised

              Today the family is busy spending time together at home, but they have two

uninvited guests. The grandmother is sleeping and the mother is knitting a sweater

while the father is reading a news paper, the children and dog are watching tv. Finally

the thieves are stealing the radio.  Behind the family the robers are acting silently.

They are taking the radio and getting out. In conclusion the family needs to pay more

atention, close the door, get a new dog, and get an alarm system.





Two Forms of Life

             Bart and Homer are people with diferent personalities. Bart is always late and lazy, but Homer is smart and hardworking. Early in the morning Bart sleeps while Homer gets up and takes a shower. After Bart gets up and changes his clothes, Homer reads te news paper, eats breakfast and drinks coffee. When it is time to go to school, Bart runs and eats breakfast quickly while Homer relaxes and watches the news on TV. At school Bart forgets his homework and Homer has it and gives it to the teacher.  After  school  at  home Bart watches the NBA but Homer  studies, late at night Bart studies and Homer sleeps. All the time their parents says to Bart that he must change his form of life, but Bart always says, it's my life. In conclusion, these brother's are very different: one is responsible and the other is irresponsible, but they are friends and have a good relationship.  










 My Personal Seal


         My personal has a lot of symbols that demostrate who I am. There is a family and other images. First the family is the best goal for me, beach represent fun, relax and comfortable, sky is the money, waterfall is the health, and tiger my personality, the most inmportant for me is my family. In conclusion, this seal shows my character and what value in life.










My Amazing Beach


        My favorite place is Ixtapa, Gro, Mexico. because it is a place with a lot of fun. There is an amazing beach with hotels, disco-bars, museums, nature and special people. My family and I spend a lot ohf time there. It is the place where we go every weekend because we lived near, one hour by car. This beach has been my favorite place since 2005. I have always shared this place with my family and friends. That place makes me feel happy, comfortable, and relaxed, and that is why it is my favorite place to be in Mexico.




















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Oct.10, 2008


Dear me


I am writing this letter to myself about three goals I have for the future.

first, in four years i will buy a house. I will start saving $150.00 extra every

month in a saving account. Next in I am going to get my Master's Degree in

Mexico, in five years. After I finish my ESL classes, I will enroll in the ITLC.

Finally, in seven years I will start my own business. I am going to learn about

how I can do it in this country, and then I will have a restaurant-bar with my

family. In conclusion, I have set these goals for myself. I think I can accomplish

them if I continue to study, work hard and save a lot of money.




Oscar Baez









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