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Name: Lupe Cuevas                                                                     Age:28
Occupation: housekeeper
Interests: I enjoy running on the weekends and playing volleyball with my familly.
About Me
I am originally from Oaxaca, Mexico.Now I have lived here for 16 years. I am married and have two sons.I am a happy person. I enjoy running on the weekends and playing volleyball with my family. My goal is to make more money for my family .





 A Bad Surprise for the family



       Today the family is busy spending time together at home, but they have two univited guests. The grandmother is sleeping. The mother is knitting a sweater while the father is reading a newspaper. The dog is not good security and is not listening to the coming into the house to rob. In conclusion, The family needs to pay more attention to what is happening in the house.






Brothers With Different Personalites

                Juan and Oscar are brothers with differentent personalities. Juan is always late and lazy, but Oscar is smart and hardworking. Early in the morning Juan aleeps, but Oscar gets changed into his clothes and takes a bag of fast food and drops the food on the floor  like it is not important. After school Oscar relaxes an watches T.V. Juan watches basketball. When Oscar finishes watching T.V., he stays a little more more before going bed, and Juan tries to study.  If he continues doing the same, he is not going to graduate.








life and Hope


        My personal seal has four symbols;a forest, doves, water, a house, and a family. First, the forest represents life and hope because the forest is life and freeedom for everthing human. Next; the dove represents peace and freedom, which I whish for family always the water represents what is good for everthing living. The next image is a house, which represens my dresm to have a, small beautiful house for my family.Last, my family represents the base most important for my life. In conclusion,  this seal shows my images for the future worlds and allare related to my base in my life, my dear family.


 My favorite plece


           My favorite plese is my room. It is locate next to my living room  and is white and cream . My bed is comfortable and is decorated with white sheets a cream colored pillow, a cream duvet. Above my bed on the wall I have a big white rose, from the window, in front of my room I see my big garden. Sometimes I go into my garden to pick fruits, and go in my room to eat them. My room is my favorite place because when I come the weekend I like to relax for one or two hours in my room.




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Reality Check Total Expenses

Below are the amounts for the items you have selected. Now that you know how much things cost, next is finding out which careers will pay you the kind of salary you will need in order to afford your lifestyle.

Your Monthly Expenses
San Diego

Health Care

Monthly Expenses
Annual Expenses
Taxes (25% of Annual Expenses)
Annual Salary Needed


October,10 2008


Dear Me,


I am writing this letter to myself about four goals I have for the future. First, I am going to remodel my house. I will save more money for the future for this and my other goals. Next, I am going to get my citizenship for the United States.  I will finish ESL classes and take the citizenship class to prepare. Finally, in  8 years, I am going to expand my business and give jobs to my family. In my personal life, I am going to eat better food. In conclusion I have these goals for my life because I think in the future they are a good example for my family. I want to be a role model for my children by making these goals a reality.




Guadalupe Cuevas.






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