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Name:     Juan Carlos                                                             
Occupation: window washing guy
Interests: I'm improving my English.
About Me:  I am from Guatemala, and i came to the United States on May 5, 2007. I live now in the Oceanside area. I have lived one year in this country, and I came to this country because I want to be famous someday. Now I am single and I want to meet someone because I don't have many friends. I like this country because I got a better job and I am earning more money.  I like that. I enjoy cycling. In fact, I love this sport. I am a positive guy, and I like to have a good time with my friends.







 Strangers In The Home


                     Today the family is very busy spending time together in the living room, but the family doesn't  know that behind them there are two thieves.  Grandma likes to spend her time sleeping, and her son is spending his time reading the newspaper while his wife is  spending her time knitting a sweater, and their children like to watch TV together with their family. the family's dog likes to watch TV, too but the family doesn't know that  they are losing their things of the house because, they are very busy doing their hobbies. Today the family is thinking that they have a good time but  really it is not a good time.





 Two Different Forms of Life


                Juan and Oscar are brothers with different personalities. Juan is always late and lazy, but Oscar is smart

and hardworking. Early in the morning Juan always sleeps, while Oscar gets up before Juan because he needs to shave and also he wants to eat early.Oscar is a good student, better than Juan. Juan is a lazy person, and when he goes to school he always  forgets his book. These two brothers are different but they have a good relationship.





My Personal Seal

              My personal seal has five symbols and these reprecent what I like to do almost everyday. The first picture represent a map that mean where I was born and, the second one represent a bike and one Bible.  The bicycle represent that I am a cyclist, and the Biblie means that I like to read. The third picture means that I would like to be a good cyclist like Lans Armstrong because I like this sport.  And the next one represent a guitar, and this means  that I love to play the guitar. The last picture represent the flag of my country, and I am proud where I came from.





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Oct. 9, 2008


Dear me,


I am writing this letter to myself about two goals I have for the future. First in two years I will buy a new place to build a new house in

my country because I would like to have a nice house, but I think that I need to get good finances first. I think I will start saving $200 extra

every month in my account. My second goal is to finish ESL, and after this I want to take new classes becauase I want to get a Bachelors

Degree because I think that I can get my goal. In conclusion  I am going to work hard and save more money to get my goals.




Juan Carlos D. L

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