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My page:  http://mccesl.pbwiki.com/Jennifer 

Name:      Jennifer Callejas                                                                  Age: 18
Occupation: student
Interests: Basketball,dance,exercise,study
About Me
         I'm from Mexico City,but I live in Oceanside, CA. I have lived here one year. I'm a single,friendly,romantic person.I enjoy watching scary movies and playing  basketball.I enjoy all time in my life. 



 A Bad Surprise For The Family


        Today the family is busy spending time together at home,but they have two uninvited guests. The grandmother is sleeping. The motrher is knitting a sweater while the fether is reading a newspaper. The children are watching tv and the dog is watching tv also. The two univited guests are behind the family. They are robing the radio and other things there are in the home. In conclusion the family will get a surprise when they look behind the sofa. The family needs to pay more attention to what is happening in the house.




 Two Brothers With Different Personalities


             Juna and Oscar are brothers with different personalities. Juan is always lazy, but Oscar is smart. Early in the morning J uan sleeps, but Oscar gets up and shaves.Later Juan changes into his clothes, while Oscar reads the newspapers and eats breakfast. At school Juan forgets his homework, but Osacr gives it to the teacher. After school at home Juan watches basketball on tv, while Oscar studies.Late at night Juan studies,, while Oscar sleeps. In conclusion Juan is lazy and irresponsible, but Oscar is responsible. The two brothers are not similar.





jennifer voice.wav


I Like My Life


                  My personal seal has eleven symbols, to represent my life.The first symbol is the most impportant in my life becouse this represent how I am;  I have a big haert, I'm sincere, romantic and loving. My second symbol is my family becouse  I love them. The third one is flag that shows where I'm from. My fourth symbol is the flowers,which make me feel happy all the time. The fifth symbol is some notes becouse I like to dance and also I like to write poems. I'm going to school, I love babies, and I like Christmas with my family. The star represents for me all dreams that I have.



My Beautiful Bedroom


                 My favorite place is my bedroom becouse it is big and nice. It is a special bedroom because it has many pictures on the wall. In my bedroom I can do my homework quietly and listen to romantic music, that makes me feel relaxed. My bedroom is on the second floor in my house. There I can see the sky, stars, and birds. I like my bedroom and I never change my favorite bedroom becouse it is more special than other rooms. That is why it is my favorite place.


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Reality Check Total Expenses

Below are the amounts for the items you have selected. Now that you know how much things cost, next is finding out which careers will pay you the kind of salary you will need in order to afford your lifestyle.

Your Monthly Expenses
San Diego

Health Care

Monthly Expenses
Annual Expenses
Taxes (15% of Annual Expenses)
Annual Salary Needed







Dear me,


I am writting this letter to myself about 4 goals I have for the future. First, in one year I will graduate from high school.  Next in three years more I will study to be a pediatrician because I like  to help babies. Then in seven years I will get married because I  want to have a big family with four children and my husband. Finally in many years more I will buy a little house for my family but this house will be special because it will have so much love for my family. In conclusion, I have set these goals for myself. I think I can accomplish them if I study all the time that it is necesary.




jennifer callejas





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