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My page:  http://mccesl.pbwiki.com/Felipe

Name: Felipe Estrada                                                          Age:23




About Me


My name is Felipe Estrada. I'm from Oaxaca, Mexico.  I have lived in Oceanside California for six years.  I'm single.  I'm happy person.  I enjoy playing soccer and basketball.  In the night I like to go to the beach.






A Bad Day for the Family

         Today the family is busy spending time together at home,but they have two univited guests.  The grandmother is sleeping.  The mother is knitting a sweater while the father is reading a newspaper.  The children are watching TV.  The children are talking about the movie.  The dog does not in the door.  Two thives behind the family are taking the radio,cloch,and everythihg.  The family needs to close the door and lock it.  Maybe the family needs to buy a new house.





Two  Different  Brothers

             Alan and Alex are brothers with different personalities.  Alan is always late and lazy, but Alex is smart and hardworking, Early in the morning, Alan sleeps bud Alex gets up and shaves.  Alan gets up too late and he doesn't take a shawer. Alex reads his homework and eats breakfast. Alan runs to school and eats his breakfast quickly at the bus stop. Alex relaxes and reads a book. Alan forgat his homework at home. Alex has his homework with the teacher. The conclusion about these two different brothers is one is responsible and the other is irresponsible. Alex needs to train his brother.





felipe voice.wav 


My Peronal Seal:  Images of Oaxaca


         My personal seal has images the most inportant places in Oaxaca where I Am from. The first image represents a beatifol river name Nilo. It is located far away from my hometowm. From the top, you can see much water. This place is a specific touristic place. Nex image is the oldest churd that demonstrates the most popular religion in Mexico. It is located next to downtown Oaxaca. The people always visit,thwice a month for a special celebrations. The third image is a photo of two Oaxaca airports. Now the big one is located in Oaxaca City,and the other in Puerto Escondido Oaxaca. The last image explains about the weather. I always like the weather there but the summer is very hot. In conclusion this seal shows images of the place I really love and I like Oceanside CA but maybe one day I will go back to Oaxaca City


My Favorite Place

                My favorite place is The Palomar Mountains. I fell relaxed and happy there,because it is far away and quiet. It is located in North County near Valley Center and Santa Isabela. In the winter it looks beautiful because it has a lot of snow,tall trees, and animals. I found it when I was working in construction in the are and I started lookig around ane day during my break. I arrived there for the first time on December 5,2003.I have shared this place twice a year with all my family, at Christmas,We always have a party day in the Palomar Mountains. This place makes me feel joyful because we enjoy special days together there.




Reality Check Total Expenses  

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Annual Salary Needed  

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Oct 9, 08


Dear me,


I am writing this letter to myself about my goals I have for the future. First,in two years  Iwill buy  a house in Oaxaca, Mexico. I will start saving $800 extra every month in an account. Next, I am going to get my high school diploma in four years after I finish my ESL classes at MiraCosta College. I am going to have a family in five years.  I will start to visit my family in Oaxaca, Mexico, too. I am going to learn about how I can do it in the USA and then I will have a construction company with my brothers because I have a big dreams in my life for a better future. In conclusion,  I never think negative because it willl stop my way.





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