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Saved by Kristi Reyes
on September 4, 2008 at 7:15:23 pm
Name: Bertha-Molina                                                                       Age: 52
Occupation: Housecleaner
Interests: reading,running
About Me :  I'm originally from San Salvador, El Salvador.  Now I live in Oceanside.
I have lived here for twenty years.  I am married and I have three adult children.  I am a very shy, nervous, and quiet person.  I enjoy my weekends with my husband and son.  In the morning we run at least one hour.  My husband and I plant vegetables and a flower garden.  Sometimes we spend the weekend with our grandsons, who are 6 and 3 years old.


 A Lesson about Home Security



               Today the family is busy spending time together at home, but they have two uninvited guests.  The grandmother is sleeping, and the mother is knitting a sweater, while the father is reading a newspaper.  The dog is watching TV and wagging its tail.  Two thieves behind the happy family are stealing from them everything they can.  Poor family when they look around and don't find anything:  the TV, sofa, chair, clock, radio, picture, trophy, and even the newspaper!  Unfortunately, they have the door unlocked.  In conclusion, the family needs to pay more attention to what is happening in the future for the family's security.






Two Brothers with Different Personalities


      Alan and Will are brothers with different personalities.  Alan is always late and lazy, but Will is smart and hardworking.  Early in the morning Alan sleeps but Willy gets up and shaves, reads the newspaper, eats breakfast.  At school Alan forgets his homework, but Willy has his work and gives it to the teacher.  After school at home Alan watches TV, and Willy studies, doing his homework for the next day, but the lazy boy continues watching TV.  Late at night he remembers he has homework when he is tired and tries to do his homework.  In conclusion, these two brothers are very different.  One is responsible, hardworking, and the other is irresponsible, but they are good brothers and like each other.  They have a good relationship.






My personal seal.

My personal seal has four different symbols.The forests are good oppotunities, to do alot of thing in peace .You can mentally relax and spend a good time with  the family far away from the city.Flowers represent love ,family ,and expressions for example ,sending flowers to somebodyspecial.The Ocean is the  most important for me, becous  ilike the ocean so much .When igo to the beach i see infinity.It is inspirational and my mind , relaxes when i feel the fresh air on my face .Its beautiful, i never go in the water , but  i like to walk and run  at the beach .The sun represents a natural ligt, very important for humans and species .On asunny day it motivatesme to work with more energy, and  efficiency.For me all this is important, necesary for the human body health, and fresh air.



My favorite beach



My favorite place is the beach .It is located inOceanside,  i can see the beautiful sunset in the ivening, the amazing blue water,dolfin ,boats ,i shared this  place with my  husband on weekend ,becouse i feel relax something special. I love a naturals pleces with fresh air.

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