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Name: Benito Baltadano                                                                        Age: 26
Occupation: Landscaping
Interests: reading, billiards
About Me


    I am originally from Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca, Mexico. Now I live in Oceansede, California. I have lived here five years. I don't have children. I am an honest person. I like to play pool and watch TV.






A Bad Day for the Family

       Today the family is busy spending time at home, but  they have two uninivited guests. The grandmother is sleeping, and the mother is knitting a sweter while the father is reading a newspaper. the two children are watching tv, and the dog very interested in the tv program. they are having a happy day, but they don't realize that there are two thieves staling the radio. In conclusion, the family need to keep the windows and doors closed to avoid future accidents.












My Personal Seal


       My personal seal has six symbols:  billiard tables, a rollercoaster, the ocean, a sports car, a picture of Benito Juarez, and the Norway flag. First, the background image is a photo of my favorite pastime, pool.  I love this game because it keeps my mind busy.  Next, the rollercoaster represents the thrill of adrenalin, which I enjoy.  The ocean image symbolizes peace, quiet, and romance.  I like to go to the beach to feel these sentiments.  The sports car represents my passion for new cars.  I have also included a picture of Benito Juarez, who was a famous president of Mexico, originally from my home state of Oaxaca.  I respect his story, and I was named for him.  Last, the Norway flag is part of my seal in remembrance of my Norwegian friend and boss in my country, who passed away from a heart attack two months.  I will miss him a lot.  In conclusion, my seal shows what makes me happy and what I value and find important in life.

My Favorite Place

        My favorite place is tjhe billards hall. It is located on Camino Real and Oceanside Blvd. in Oceanside, CA.  It has a TV and good snacks,  and you can see different people and listen to music. This is my favorite place for a long time. I have shared this place with my friends. I like to go there because it makes me feel relaxed and fun.














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Oct. 9, 2008


Dear Me,


          I am writing this letter to myself about some goals I have for the future. First,  In two months, I'll be starting the construction of my house in my country.   I will start saving $150 extra every month in a saving account.  Secound, I'm going to be studying and attending Miracosta college so I pass my class.  I want to speak Englilsh well and get a better job. Last, in five years I 'm going back to my country. I have set these goals for my self.  I think I can accomplish them by putting my mind to them.


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