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Name:                  Arael Aquino                                                      Age:muchos
Occupation:       landscaping
Interests:            In my free time I like to play soccer.
About Me

     I am originally from Santa Maria in the state of Mexico. Now I live in Oceanside,California.I have lived here two years.I am single,and I am living with my cousin.I am working in landscaping in Nissho California company.I am a good person.I enjoy playing soccer and studying English.I think life is short, so work hard,play hard,and enjoy every moment.





A Lesson about Home Security


     Today the family is busy spending time together at home ,but they forgot to close the door and now they have two problems in their home.There are two robbers taking out their things.The grandmather is sleeping.The mother is knititing a sweater.The two children are waching TV. The father is reading the newspaper.The dog is wagging its tail.In conclucion,the family needs to pay more attention and lock the door.



Brothers with Different Personalities


        Juan and Oscar are brothers with different personalities.Juan is always lazy and late,but Oscar is smart and hardworking.Early in the morning,Juan is sleeps while Oscar gets up and shaves.When Oscar is reading the newspaper and eating his breakfast,Juan gets up and changes into his clothes.Before school Juan runs and eats breakfast quickliy, but Oscar relaxes and watches the news on TV.At school Juan forgets his homework,but Oscar has his homework and give it to the teacher.After school at home Juan watches basketball on TV while Oscar studies.Late at night Juan studies,but Oscar sleeps.In concluccion,these two brothers are very different.One is responsible and the other is irresponsible,but they are brothers and friends.They have a good relationship.


My Personal Seal


      My personal seal has different images and symbols that demonstrate who I am. There is a big soccer ball with seven symbols and images. First, the big ball soccer image with the flag represents my native country. The second image represents who is my idol in the soccer, his name is Ronaldino. I like this player because, I think  he is the best of the world playing soccer. Below that, the next symbol represents my favorite soccer team . The next image represents my love for the song, because I like to sing when I take my shower. The next image represents how I feel every day. The bottom right image I don`t like very much, because this image talks about my job. Above that, the next image is when  I was cooking in my home, because I like to cook. In conclucion this seal shows my character and my love for the soccer.



My favorite place


      My favorite is the football pitch in Oceanside because  it is a place with a lot activity. It is a typical football pitch with green grass, white lines, and happy people, and I spend a lot of time there. It is the place where I spend my weekends playing with my family and friends and running. The football pitch has been my favorite place for a long time now. I have rarely shared this place with others outside my immediate family. This place makes me feel happy, relaxed, and exited and that is why it is my favorite place to place to be in the whole world.










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Dear me,




          I am writing this letter to myself about 4 goals I have for the future. First in one year I am going to buy a hause in mexico. Next in six months I am going to have a new car. Next in two years I am going to get married. Finally after I marry, in one year I am going to have my first child. In conclusion, I belive I can accomplish these four goals if I continue  to work hard, save money, and meet the right love of my life.






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