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Name:   Ana                                                                            Age: 42
Occupation: student
Interests: watch movies, looking for things interesting in the computer.
About Me
I am from Mexico,and I have two children. I like to cook Mexican food and taste food from other countries.



A Bad Day for the Family  


      Today the family is busy spending time together at home, but they have two uninivited guests.  The grandmother is sleeping. The mother is knitting a sweater while the father is reading a newspaper. The children are watching cartoons and the dog is watching T. V., too. It is an old dog and he isn't sniffing. They do not see that two robbers are in loving room. In conclusion the family needs to close and lock the door.




Two Different Brothers


     Juan and Oscar are brothers with different personalities. Juan is always late and lazy, but Oscar is smart and hardworking. Juan sleeps while  Oscar gets up and shaves. Oscar has time to get breakfast and drinks a cup of coffee, but Juan goes to school without combing his hair.  Juan forgets his homework but Oscar is a good brother and always helps his brother. In conclusion, Juan and Oscar are very different: one is responsible, hardworking and serious, and the other is irresponsible and lazy, but they have a good relationship. Nobody can believe that they are twins.





My Personal Seal


     My personal seal has six symbols that show who is the most important in my life, my family, goals, and my dreams. The first photo is me and my husband. He is an excellent person. Next to us, there is my granddaughter Iris, I tell her that she is “My doll.”  I like to talk with her on the phone, she is three years old. Below there is the photo of my children, Walter and Omar. Next, the symbol of a diploma represents that I am proud because my son finished the university. The books represents that I do not know how much time and how many books I need to learn English, but I will get it. The notebook represent which is difficult is for me right now – to learn another language. The background represent that every day, I pray for my family. In conclusion this seal shows the most important in my life.










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October 09,2008.


Dear Me,


I am writing this letter to myself about seven goals I have for the future. First, I am going to rent a house in Ensenada, B.C., Mexico. in three months for my children because we want to stay together close. Next, I will buy a house in Ensenada in three years. After I finish my ESL classes, I am going to study hair styling or truck driving. I will become a citizen in one and half years. Finally I am going to get another job when I speak better English, and I will travel to know France. In conclusion, I have set these goals for myself. I think I can accomplish them if I study and work hard.




Ana Cordero.


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